Help keep Portland a welcoming city for all

May 14, 2019

Act now to ensure Portland remains a vibrant, inclusive city where everyone has the shelter and basic supports they need to thrive.

The proposed Fiscal Year 2020 Budget being voted on by the City Council introduces two harmful changes to the way social services are provided in Portland:

  • Eliminating additional overflow space for people seeking emergency shelter, breaking the city’s 30-year commitment to ensure everyone in need is sheltered
  • Phasing out the Portland Community Support Fund, which provides temporary assistance to asylum seekers

Fortunately, Councilor Costa brought forth two amendments — voted for unanimously by the Finance Committee on May 15 — that would maintain these critical, life-saving social services.

Portland cannot be a livable city without being inclusive. Cutting social services is wrong and ineffective.

If you live in Portland: Please email City Councilors today and tell them you support the amendments voted on by the Finance Committee. (Let us know once you’ve sent your emails so we can keep track.)

If you do not live in Portland: Please share this message today with 5 friends or colleagues who live in Portland and ask them to act on this important issue.

Everyone: Join us at City Hall for a demonstration on Monday, May 20 at 4:30pm before the 5:30pm City Council meeting where there will be a public hearing and vote on the budget.

We ask that people bring:
  • Signs including slogans such as “Keep Portland inclusive” / “We need a moral budget” / “Shelter save lives” / “Cutting social services is wrong”
  • Camping items, such as blankets, mats, and sleeping bags
  • Wear a black shirt (we will provide stickers)