Farewell 2016-17 Interns!

May 03, 2017

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” —John Fitzgerald Kennedy

2016-17 Preble Street Interns
Preble Street bid farewell last week to its 2016-17 class of social work interns.

This prestigious and competitive social work placement opportunity has been key to meeting the Preble Street mission since it was founded by Joe Kreisler, chair of the University of Southern Maine social work department. The Preble Street internship program has trained more than 400 social workers in its more-than-40-year history. Expanding from a placement opportunity for USM social work students, the applicant pool has grown over the years to include students from University of Maine Augusta, University of New England, St. Joseph’s College, Lesley University, Boston College, and Southern Maine Community College.

Front Row: Sara Cyr Jordan, Florence House Residential Services Supervisor, Rachel Andreasen, University of Southern Maine, MSW (Florence House)
Middle Row: Naomi Abrams, University of Southern Maine, MSW, (Preble Street Anti-Trafficking Coalition), Amber Clark, University of Southern Maine, MSW, (Advocacy), Brittney Dunham, Resource Center Caseworker, Melissa Towle, University of New England, MSW, (Resource Center), Hilary Elsinger, Resource Center Supervisor, Nicole Sutherland, University of Southern Maine BSW, (Logan Place), Katy Finch, University of New England, MSW, (Resource Center), Justin Brown, University of Southern Maine, MSW, (Clinical Intervention Program)
Back Row: Daniella Cameron, Director of Preble Street Anti-Trafficking Coalition, Polo Jean-Louis, Preble Street Resource Center Caseworker, Caroline Fernandes, Director of Residential Services, Kendra Page, University of New England, MSW, (Florence House), Alyssa Wade, University of New England, MSW, (Florence House), Brad Hammond, University of Southern Maine, BSW, (Resource Center)