Building community

Ox is living at Logan Place after having been homeless on and off since 2002 and on his own since he was 12. Thanks to Logan Place, his life has changed, and he deeply values his space and the respect and support of staff.

Looking for ways he can reciprocate, Ox rearranged a shared space on the third floor, turned it into a reading room, and works with the Portland Public Library to organize a book exchange.

“This is the best place I ever lived. I know 95% of the people in the building. It’s like a family here. I make sure the light’s on at night—if the light ain’t on, no one’s gonna come in. You come in here, you feel like you’re at home.”

A blanket rolled up and hanging above the door of his apartment reminds Ox of what life was like before he had a home. “That’s why I’m here doing as much as I can for this place. I’m proud of my place. This is my home.”

Give more Mainers like Ox a chance for a home for good this #GivingTuesday!

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